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From the wrong to the ridiculous

A cautionary tale that I’ve shared with many students over the years: when I was doing my Standard Grades and Highers, I had a bad habit — which, like most teenage bad habits, I regarded as a matter of pride … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Porkess Report

I’ve now worked my way through the Porkess Report. As it’s specific to the English system, and concentrates on school teaching, there are at least two good reasons why I can only comment on it as an interested amateur. However, … Continue reading

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The Goose

This afternoon I’d cleared some time to sit down and properly read through the Porkess Report on maths education in England — a document which, at least from a skim through the executive summary, looks as if it might be less … Continue reading

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I wish I’d written that

There’s a cracking guest editorial in the latest issue of the British Journal for Educational Technology, written by Neil Selwyn and titled “In praise of pessimism — the need for negativity in educational technology”. (Unfortunately you’ll need a subscription to … Continue reading

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Stones, relatively free from sermons

There are plenty of ruined buildings in the world but no ruined stones. (Hugh MacDiarmid, “On a Raised Beach”, 1934). Where I stay in the south side of Glasgow, red sandstone buildings are a common sight. It’s a lovely stone, … Continue reading

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UAM again

[Note: following advice from a friend who possesses more common sense than I do, I’ve removed my initial reaction to the anti-mockery article. I think there’s a different case from the usual one to be made in favour of sharing (some) idiocies; hopefully I’ll … Continue reading

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The makars of patterns?

A few weeks ago I discovered a new distraction, the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. At the time it had only reached its first issue, but it’s an idea that deserves to prosper. What struck me particularly was that this issue contained three poems plus … Continue reading

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