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Towards a theory of non-learning?

Here’s a suggestion that probably sounds more cynical than it actually is: the pressing question for educational theories should not be “how do students learn?” but “how do students avoid learning?” Let me try to motivate this a little. Advertisements

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All solitude is selfish

To judge from the amount of quiet buzz that it’s stirred up, Susan Cain’s book praising the virtues of introversion has touched a nerve. (It presumably also has an exceptionally good publicist.) I’ve not yet read it, but going on … Continue reading

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Click clunk

Generally, and with a few cynical reservations, I’m a fan of clicker systems (EVS) as a way of encouraging a bit of engagement in large classes. If provoked, I’m prepared to┬átrot out the standard┬áline about active learning and peer instruction, … Continue reading

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