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Greatness thrust upon ’em

One of the more virulent plagues to affect my department at present is a member of the faculty hierarchy who, despite having no academic background, has begun to invent and impose diktats on unmistakably academic matters, such as the pattern … Continue reading

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Confusing the square

Here’s some further evidence, as if it were needed, that the disproportionate effort devoted in schools to coaching students to solve quadratic equations is largely wasted. The following were recently presented, independently and apparently in all seriousness, by two students … Continue reading

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Fade to gray

A colleague from another university told me over dinner last night about an exchange he’d had with one of his PhD students. The supervisor had asked the student which journal a particular paper he’d quoted had appeared in; the student didn’t … Continue reading

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A tale from the start of term

The following should probably have pen-and-ink illustrations in the style of Struwwelpeter, but for now readers will just have to imagine them.

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