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Baird versus Reith at Glasgow Tech

Over the last few months I’ve become interested — the Domina would say “tediously interested” — in the old Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College, apotheosised in 1912 to the Royal Technical College, Glasgow. As an institution it seems … Continue reading

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What if 94% of teachers are better than average?

In its ceaseless strip-mining of institutional humour, Dilbert the other day dug up the old line about 74% of managers thinking they were above average. This is only one of a large collection of such factoids, usually (and probably justly) … Continue reading

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More quadratic equations

Here’s a further undergraduate contribution to the theory of quadratic equations, taken from my most recent plague of marking. The context is a final-year exam; notation has been changed to protect the guilty, but not enough to affect the difficulty … Continue reading

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