A matter of judgement

I realise the following is merely a typo, but it cheered me briefly in the run-up to a gruelling Exam Board:

Here is the Eternal Examiner’s report on your class…

I don’t know whether to visualise the Eternal Examiner as an essentially impartial figure like the Recording Angel or as a more active agent like the Accuser, but in either case the phrase captures that sense — vividly felt by most lecturers during the exam board season — of being under the scrutiny of an overwhelming, alien and potentially hostile intelligence.

Even at its most benign, the externals’ scrutiny can make me feel rather like Dante, on his ascent of Purgatory, having the seven “P”s removed in turn from his forehead by the angelic guardian of each terrace. In the worst case, faced with the sort of external — you know who you are — who abruptly rubbishes papers that passed every previous appraisal and who sets aside evidence to frolic merrily among the counterfactuals, that scrutiny reminds me more of the opening paragraph of The War of the Worlds.

Perhaps these apocalyptic associations aren’t entirely inappropriate. After all, eschatology is sometimes described as the study of the Finals Things…

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